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If you receive any collection letters after your bankruptcy has been filed with the Court, do the following: Make a copy of the letter you received from the creditor or the creditor's collection agent or attorney and make a copy of the Notice of Filing of Bankruptcy you received from the Court, and mail both copied documents to the return address shown on the collection letter. If the creditor or collector continues to send you statements or collection letters, make a copy of both collection letters and statements you received and mail them to your attorney's office. Include in your mailing to the attorney a note stating that you have sent a copy of the Notice of Filing of Bankruptcy to the collector or creditor and they continue to send you collection notices.

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If a creditor or its collection agent or attorney contacts you by phone, tell them you have filed bankruptcy, give then your attorney's name and phone number, wish them a good day and hang up the phone. Usually this information is enough to stop the creditor or collector from calling you. Do not let them engage you in a conversation! If they continue to call, get the name and phone number of the person calling and, if he or she will give you the information, his or her supervisor's name and phone number. And, as in the collection letters situation, mail or fax the information to your attorney's office.

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