Drug Crimes


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Convictions on charges of drug possession, sales, manufacturing and distribution carry lengthy prison sentences and significant fines. Those consequences require you to secure the services of an attorney to protect your rights and identify the issues that resulted in your arrest. That may include the possibility of abuse or addiction that a prison sentence could not possibly address.

At Daniels & Taylor, P.C., we want to find the best outcome for you following a drug-related arrest and subsequent criminal charge. If you need help in the form of legal representation and treatment for a drug problem, we will fight for the best resolution on your behalf.

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Getting to the Facts of Your Drug Arrest

In our practice of defending clients charged with drug offenses, we find that police officers may have acted hastily in pursuing an arrest for cocaine, heroin or marijuana possession. Shortcuts were taken, resulting in illegal searches and seizures or informants who were less than reliable. Digging deep means getting to the facts of the case and protecting your rights.

Dealing With Possible Drug Abuse or Addiction Issues

During challenging legal and possibly personal times, you need an advocate at your side, especially if you have a problem with drug abuse. We will bring that information to the attention of the court to seek some type of diversion program to address the addiction. Ignoring or disregarding it could only lead to more legal problems in the future.

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