Contempt Actions: Enforcing The Court's Order

Is your ex-spouse failing to live up to his or her obligations under the divorce decree? Are you having difficulty collecting child support? Divorce decrees and legitimation orders are legally binding on both parties, but that doesn't mean they will always be followed. When one of the parties fails to comply with the terms of a divorce or legitimation order, usually the proper recourse is an action for civil contempt.

Some circumstances frequently leading to civil contempt actions are:

  • Failure to pay alimony and/or child support
  • Failure to abide by custody or visitation orders
  • Failure to take necessary steps to facilitate property division (such as quit claim deeds or QDROs)
  • Failure to provide life or health insurance for a child or spouse

A contempt action is usually an extension of the original order. This means, for example, that if your divorce was in Gwinnett County, the contempt action will usually have to be brought in Gwinnett County, regardless of where the other party currently lives. You should consider this when selecting your attorney.

Be aware that there are numerous defenses to contempt available; therefore, it is essential you contact a lawyer if you are pursuing or defending a contempt action.

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