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At Daniels & Taylor, P.C., we help clients defend against unwarranted traffic citations and get charges reduced or dismissed. There are many technicalities and constitutional rights that are fundamental to our criminal justice system, and our Gwinnett County traffic offense lawyers can help you navigate the system.

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Traffic tickets are more than just fines. Traffic tickets and moving violations in Georgia also come with points that are placed on your license. Since people with a bad driving record are more likely to get into car accidents, these points can affect your insurance rates.

Even after you pay the ticket fine, your insurance rate increase can last for several years.

If you are a repeat traffic offender with 15 accumulated points within two years, your driving privileges will be revoked. A traffic ticket can devastate your life if your job requires you to drive a truck, taxi, Uber, or another company vehicle. It's hard to believe, but you could lose your job by getting a ticket on your way to work.

Defense Strategies for Traffic Tickets

Remember, a "defense" is not the same as an "excuse.” It is not a valid defense to say you were speeding because you were "following the flow of traffic." Even if you don't have a valid legal defense, plea negotiations can often result in reduced fines or no points on your driving record.

The Georgia Traffic Violation Point System

The points to be assessed for each offense are outlined below:

  • Aggressive driving: 6 points
  • Reckless driving: 4 points
  • Unlawful passing of a school bus: 6 points
  • Improper passing on a hill or a curve: 4 points
  • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 14 miles per hour but less than 19 miles per hour: 2 points
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 19 miles per hour or more but less than 24 miles per hour: 3 points
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 24 miles per hour or more but less than 34 miles per hour: 4 points
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 34 miles per hour or more: 6 points
  • Disobedience of any traffic-control device or traffic officer: 3 points
  • Too fast for conditions: 0 points
  • Possessing an open container of an alcoholic beverage while driving: 2 points
  • Failure to adequately secure a load, except fresh farm produce, resulting in loss of such load onto the roadway which results in an accident: 2 points
  • Violation of child safety restraint requirements, first offense: 1 point
  • Violation of child safety restraint requirements, second or subsequent offense: 2 points
  • All other moving traffic violations that are not speed-limit violations: 3 points

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