Child Custody Battle Prevents Rapper Mia from Taking Child to UK

child custody battle between New York Rapper, M.I.A., and billionaire environmentalist Benjamin Bronfman has just begun to heat up. The pair have a four-year-old son together but never married, and they split up in February. In March, Bronfman filed for a temporary restraining Order to prevent his former fiance from taking the child to the United Kingdom.The rapper had reportedly threatened to take the couple's son and move from Brooklyn to London, and the temporary restraining order forces her to keep him in New York.

Angered at the Order, M.I.A. tweeted "BEN you cant take my son away from me 'The mother'. Just because you have money doesn't mean you hav ethe[sic] right." (

You don't need to be a billionaire to get this type of relief in Georgia courts. In fact, in Gwinnett County, every divorce and child custody modification action automatically comes with a Mutual Restraining Order ( The Mutual Restraining Order, among other things, prevents either parent from removing the child or children from the state of Georgia without court permission. Most other Georgia counties have some form of the Mutual Restraining Order, but even in counties that don't, an experienced lawyer can craft pleadings that accomplish the same end.

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