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For victims of domestic violence, we assist in securing immediate emergency assistance via the family violence statutes. You need protection from further instances of abuse for yourself and your children. We provide that in the form of a temporary restraining order issued by the courts. The court can also make decisions regarding custody arrangements, child support, alimony, and possession of the family home.

We are a firm that cares for its clients. If you are under threat, we want to be there for you. Daniels & Taylor, P.C. has been in business for over 20 years, and our attorneys have decades of combined experience. We can help you file a temporary protective order in Gwinnett, and we can help make sure the authorities are following through on their obligations to enforce it.

If you need protection from an abuser, don’t delay. Call us right away at (770) 285-1673 for a consultation.

How Do Protective Orders Help?

Temporary protective orders, also called ex parte protective orders, offer immediate security to those who need it. Many of the behaviors outlined in a protective order are already illegal. For instance, they prohibit threats or abuse from your attacker. Threatening and abusing someone is already a crime.

Protective orders help provide an extra layer of safety. For instance, if someone threatens you, that is a form of assault. To charge this person, the authorities must formally accuse them of this crime. Then the gears of justice begin churning, sometimes slowly. It may take a while for the cops to secure an arrest, and it takes even longer to find the offender guilty. 

When someone violates a protective order, it’s much easier to hit them with criminal penalties. These punishments may not be as severe as a direct charge for assault, battery, stalking, etc., but they move much quicker. They also send a direct message to your abuser that their behavior is under watch, and they need to leave you alone.

What Behaviors Does a Temporary Protective Order Restrict?

Any protective order will safeguard you against direct assault. It can also help prevent illegal behaviors such as stalking.

Protective orders can also extend beyond acts that are already illegal. For instance, they can prevent your abuser from contacting you in any way. The order may direct the abuser to stay within a certain distance of you. In some cases, it can even prevent them from going to places you frequent such as your school, work, gym, or even your regular grocery store. 

In Georgia, an “ex parte family violence protective order” can also create stipulations that protect your home or livelihood. These directives are sometimes similar to those that you see in a divorce.

A family violence protective order can:

  • Give you sole custody of the kids
  • Order your abuser to pay child support
  • Give you sole use of the house, ordering your abuser to keep away
  • Order the abuser to keep paying for utilities like water, health insurance, electricity, or cellphone bills
  • Give you sole custody of the kids Protect your property, including your pets, from being sold, thrown out, or given away

How Do You Secure a Temporary Protective Order in Georgia?

Your abuser cannot defend themselves against an emergency order. If the court believes your story, they will issue the protective order and notify the other person.

In an emergency, the police can fast-track an order for you. Even on nights and weekends, they can contact a court and help you get an order. They are witnesses to the event, so there is less need to secure evidence.

When going through an attorney, you must work to gather your evidence. You need identification, and you need documents to help prove your claims. These could be medical records, electronic communications, saved voicemails, and so forth. You can also bring forth witnesses to corroborate your story.

Our firm is here to help with this process. You can place the situation in our hands and focus on yourself and your recovery. We can gather your documents, contact witnesses, and file the paperwork. Our team knows the necessary wording needed to fill out your forms, explaining your situation to the courts. We have helped many clients get the help they need, and we’re here to do the same for you.

What Comes After a Temporary Protective Order?

Georgia’s temporary protective orders last for 30 days.Afterward, you can file for a long-term protective order, which lasts for one year. When that year has passed, you can continue to file for extensions.

Your abuser has the right to defend themselves against a long-term order. They may have an attorney, present evidence, call witnesses, etc. 

Our firm can use the 30 days of protection wisely. In that time, we may be able to build a clear, convincing case, proving your abuser’s behavior. We will take your case as seriously as we would any other. Your safety is our highest concern, and we want to make sure you receive the help you need.



Hand on shoulder - domestic abuseWhen you face domestic violence or abuse charges, we realize that you are facing not only a criminal charge but the possible end of a relationship. There is a great deal of stress and anxiety that can accompany these allegations.

At Daniels & Taylor, P.C., our attorneys offer decades of combined experience to individuals charged with domestic violence and other violent crimes in the state of Georgia. We know that any accusation, even one that has been fabricated, can cause a significant disruption in your life. Let our domestic violence attorneys in Gwinnett County craft a strong defense on your behalf.

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The Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction

Violent crime charges should always be taken seriously given the severe potential penalties. Our lawyers have seen how damaging domestic violence and family abuse allegations can be.

These charges could:

  • Prevent you from seeing your children
  • Force you out of your home
  • Force you to maintain a minimum distance from contact with your family
  • Time in jail
  • Remove your citizen's right to carry firearms and vote
  • Cost you your job

We have worked with married couples, domestic partners, roommates, LGBT couples, and other people from all walks of life in cases involving domestic violence allegations.

Our Approach to Domestic Abuse Defense

When we take on a domestic violence case, we waste no time protecting our clients’ rights. Our attorneys will launch a thorough investigation into the allegations and the alleged incident(s) and review the facts carefully. We can also address any protective orders against you that are preventing you from accessing your home or spending time with your children.

Remember: You are innocent until proven guilty. Prosecutors and law enforcement officials are ruthless when it comes to domestic violence allegations. Whether you have been wrongly accused or you made a mistake in the heat of the moment, this situation does not have to define the rest of your life. Let our domestic violence defense attorneys in Gwinnett County fight for you.

Advocacy for the Wrongfully Accused

In the midst of disputes over conduct, money and time spent with children, false allegations of domestic violence may be levied against a spouse. The system itself is often abused and you find yourself in a difficult situation, fending off wrongful accusations. Our job is to strip away the emotions and get to the facts. Far too much is at stake.