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We all make mistakes. Whether you've been wrongfully accused or you just made a bad decision, the fact remains that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You may hear some cynics say "guilty until proven innocent," but those folks must have hired the wrong Gwinnett County criminal defense lawyer.

At Daniels & Taylor, P.C., we stand up for the criminally accused and craft strong, airtight defense strategies on their behalf. Our Gwinnett County criminal defense attorneys refuse to back down from a fight and have the tools, resources, and experience necessary to represent you effectively.

Call (770) 285-1673 now or contact us online if you have been charged with a crime. Our criminal defense attorneys can help protect your rights as you navigate the criminal justice system. 

What to Do after Being Arrested

The first thing you should do is protect yourself by retaining a trusted criminal defense lawyer. Ignore the police when they want to "help you” – it is legal for them to lie to you. You must assert and protect your right to be silent.

Memorize this sentence: "I do not want to talk to you and I want my lawyer." Once you say these 13 words, the cops must stop asking you questions without your defense lawyer present. Speaking to police or prosecutors or working out a deal without the help of a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney is a poor strategy.

The Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in Georgia

If you are convicted, the government will label you a criminal and your life will change drastically. When you apply for a job, you will have to check "the box." When you apply for a rental lease or for housing assistance, you will be more likely to be denied. If you decide you want to learn a skill or go back to school, you may be denied financial aid. If you are an immigrant, you may be deported and if you are a citizen, you could lose your right to vote.

There is also a price that "criminals" pay that nobody talks about: the shame and stigma of having a criminal record, which follows you long after you have repaid your debt to society. Your family, friends, and co-workers may see you differently.

The Importance of Retaining the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

If you go to court alone, before the judge even enters the room, the sheriff deputy on duty will make an announcement asking everyone in the room to fill out a form to plea guilty. You may have an opportunity to talk to the prosecutor who will intimidate you with the maximum penalty and then entice you with a plea "deal" that expires if you don't make the life-changing decision in the next five minutes. The prosecutor will not care about your rights and will encourage you to sign a paper waiving your right to a defense lawyer and jury trial. You will not be told about all the consequences of a conviction. You are more likely to learn about these long-term consequences from an inmate than from a judge accepting your guilty plea.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Handling All Types of Criminal Charges

With decades of combined experience, our Georgia criminal lawyers have helped numerous people avoid the life-changing consequences of a criminal conviction. We have also achieved successes in the form of dropped charges and reduced sentences. Our Gwinnett County criminal defense lawyers represent people facing any criminal charge.

  • DUI - If convicted of DUI, you could be sentenced to jail, be hit with increased insurance rates, or lose your driver's license. Your employer could fire you for violating its zero-tolerance policy related to criminal convictions. With so much at stake, you need an aggressive advocate speaking on your behalf and protecting your rights.
  • Drug Crimes - At Daniels & Taylor, P.C., we represent clients charged with drug possession and manufacturing. Many have found themselves facing drug charges because of an addiction. We get to the source of the problem and find the best resolution for you. Some judges would rather see you get treatment than go to jail. Other judges like to give boot-camp, probation, and/or community service to let you straighten out your act.
  • Sex Crimes - The lifetime consequences of a sex crime charge mandate that you seek immediate representation from an aggressive, experienced, and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. If you are placed on the sex offender registry, you may not be able to find a place to live or work. Resolving the matter on your own is simply not an option. You need help to protect not only your rights but also your reputation.
  • Juvenile Crimes - While the focus of the juvenile criminal justice system is rehabilitating your teenager, more serious charges could result in your child being charged as an adult. One mistake as a child should not impact the rest of a person’s life. The black mark on your child’s record could prevent them from attending college or working their dream job.
  • Traffic Violations - Traffic tickets are more than just an annoying nuisance. As they add up, you could lose your driver's license and face skyrocketing insurance rates. If you just pay the fine now, you might keep paying the cost month after month on your premium as well. If you don't have time to hire a lawyer before going to court, when your name is called, tell the judge that you need some extra time to hire a lawyer and you could get your case pushed off until later. Violations are not a minor crime and you should take them seriously by seeking the help of an attorney.
  • Property Crimes - If you have been charged with a property crime – such as shoplifting, receiving stolen goods, or destruction of property – you must defend your reputation. People simply won't trust you if you have a property crime on your background check. At Daniels & Taylor, P.C., we have years of experience successfully defending clients against property crime charges. You may qualify for government programs to keep your record clean while you just pay a fine, do some community service, get some probation, or something else.
  • Assault & Battery - Charges for assault and battery carry serious consequences. If you have been involved in a street fight, bar fight, or other physical confrontation, you probably regret it now. We all do things or say things that we regret when we are angry. You don't deserve to suffer for years over a bad, impulsive choice. Prosecutors will take advantage of you if you show up to court all alone. You need an experienced and knowledgeable Gwinnett County criminal defense attorney by your side.
  • White Collar Crimes - Financial crimes have been front-page news as our economy has faltered in recent years. Prosecutors take these crimes very seriously. If you have been charged with a white collar crime, you need experienced representation on your side.

From our office in Lawrenceville, our criminal defense lawyers represent clients throughout Gwinnett County. Reach out to us today at (770) 285-1673.

How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

When you need a criminal defense attorney, your life has most likely been turned upside down. Criminal charges are incredibly serious, and you should look to find the best criminal defense attorney for your case. When choosing a criminal lawyer, you should consider results from similar cases, client reviews, and even references from colleagues. Additionally, you should research each firm and review what resources and tools are available to each attorney. At Daniels & Taylor, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys have the tools, resources, and track record to defend your case. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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