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Do you need help filing for divorce? Have you been served with divorce papers? Ending a marriage is scary and lonely. It can mean the loss of stability for your family and financial situation. Regardless of who files for divorce, the fallout impacts everyone in the immediate family. As a leading Lawrenceville, GA divorce attorney, we can ensure you, your children, and any assets are protected. 

What to Expect Hiring Daniels & Taylor, P.C. For Your Divorce

Rated 4.9✰ on Google, our experienced divorce attorneys in Lawrenceville will help you begin the process of ending your marriage. We guide you to a stable future as a single adult. Established in 1990, we have core values which define our excellent service.  

Handling your divorce without a family law attorney fighting for your interests could kill your chances of success. You can’t risk losing access to your children or property by ignoring the seriousness of your circumstance. To keep the peace, some couples give up their rights and find themselves on the wrong side of a divorce settlement without any of the things they need to move forward. 

Are you ready to file for a divorce? Call Daniels & Taylor, P.C. at (770) 285-1673 or reach out using our convenient online contact form.  Our expert divorce lawyers near downtown Lawrenceville can guide you.

Types of Divorce in Georgia

In Georgia, divorce types available include uncontested divorce and contested divorces. Uncontested means that you and your spouse agree to the divorce and on issues such as custody, property, and more. Contested divorce means that you and your spouse disagree on the terms of divorce.

Our Lawrenceville Divorce Attorneys can guide you on which path to take. Even if you are just thinking about divorce, you can meet with us for advice. When you come to the third floor of the Lawrenceville Truist Bank building, if you are not happy with your consultation, we will refund the $100 consultation fee. We are not aware of any other family law firm with refundable consultation fees. 

Help Resolving the Big Issues in Your Georgia Divorce

Getting divorced is the legal separation of a couple’s financial issues and joint interests. For many couples, getting a divorce is difficult because separating assets and sharing children isn’t naturally easy. 

Who Pays Attorney Fees in Divorce in Georgia?

In Georgia, each party in a divorce is generally responsible for their attorney's fees. However, in a divorce scenario, the court may order the higher-earning spouse to pay the lower-earning spouse's attorney fees to ensure fairness. 

You must know that your divorce is handled properly and with your best interest in mind. The attorneys at Daniels & Taylor, P.C. can provide the divorce solutions you need to leave your marriage without losing everything you’ve worked for and built together.

Why Choose Daniels & Taylor, P.C.?

The Lawrenceville divorce lawyers at Daniels & Taylor, P.C. are experienced professionals with decades of wisdom from helping clients navigate even the most contentious divorces. Our reputation is reflected in our 4.9✰ Google rating. You get a team of attorneys, paralegals, client specialists, and leaders behind you. We help you filter through the emotion and think rationally. We promise to keep you informed at every step of the process and empowered in every decision. We have been divorce attorneys in Lawrenceville since 1990. 

Our seasoned divorced attorneys can help you settle your contested divorce through mediation, negotiation, or litigation. We are prepared to provide you with the time you need to ensure you are well-represented throughout the divorce process. 

In our experience, almost 90% of divorces can be settled outside of court, so let our Lawrenceville divorce lawyers guideyou.

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