Bode Miller Child Custody Case Stretches On

Every instance of a child custody dispute can be a heartbreaking and very difficult affair. Georgia parents understandably want the best for their children, and having a decision declared that sometimes goes against what one parent feels is right can throw a family into chaos. However, when the couple in question includes a celebrity, the usually intimate child custody situation gets thrust into the public eye.

Olympic skier Bode Miller and his ex-girlfriend Sara McKenna have yet to reach an agreement in the child custody case involving their 13-month-old son, Sam. During the case, McKenna's attorney claimed that Miller had not paid any child support. Miller's attorney countered that a separate case involving child support was ongoing in California - the child custody case is based in New York where McKenna currently resides. If the couple does not come to an agreement by April 7, a case referee said she would hold a hearing where witness would be potentially be called to testify. In the meantime, the child will stay with McKenna.

There are many factors that can help determine the custody settlement between the parents, so legal guidance from an experienced family law attorney can be of the utmost help. Assistance can help assure a just outcome in the case and, if need be, assist with any ongoing disputes such as seeking custody modification.

While most instances of child custody aren't magnified by a celebrity such as an Olympic athlete, they can be extremely stressful and cause emotions to run high. Legal guidance can help calm the stress and fears of the parent, hopefully leading to an optimal outcome for the child involved.

Source:, "Bode Miller's custody battle with Sara McKenna over baby son still on as former couple can't reach agreement," Nathaniel Vinton, March 31, 2014

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