Actress Tori Spelling Concerned She Can't Afford Child Support

Whether married, separated or single, parents in Georgia understand that caring for a child often requires much time, patience and money. Child support allows the costs of raising a child to be covered by both parents, not just the parent with whom the child resides most of the time. Parents should remember that these payments are for the benefit of the child and should be used to meet their personal needs.

Actress Tori Spelling has told friends that she would like to pursue a divorce from her husband due to his reported cheating, but she is concerned that a divorce would cause her to go broke. She is concerned that her husband would seek at least joint custody of their children, requiring her to pay child support and alimony to him.

In her previous marriage, her parents required her to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect her assets, but she decided not to with her current marriage, as she was not getting along with her parents at the time. Additionally, when her father died, she received $800,000 of his $500 million in assets, a large sum, but small relative to the amount she could have received. She is now concerned about how exposed her assets would be in the event of pursuing a divorce from her current husband.

As mentioned above, when a parent does not have primary custody of their child, they may be required to pay a portion of their income to the custodial parent as child support. This allows each parent to share in the costs associated with raising a child, as well as allowing the child to be supported financially by both parents.

If child support payments are ordered, the amount of each payment is determined based on the rules in the state. In Georgia, the amount is determined using the shared income method, which takes into account the incomes of both the custodial and non-custodial parent, as well as the costs associated with raising a child such as health insurance and day care. After applying these factors, a rate table is used to find the amount that will meet the child's needs.

Based on the custody arrangement on their respective incomes, either parent may be required to pay or entitled to receive child support. Seeking advice can help them through the child support process. Furthermore, if circumstances change, it is important that parents seek immediate help will filing for modification or adjustment. This will help them avoid penalties for failing to make child support payments.

Source: SheKnows, "Tori Spelling can't afford a divorce," Caroline Goddard, Jan. 30, 2014

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