Father's Rights: Fathers Fighting for Shared Custody

The awarding of child custody in Georgia should be based on numerous factors that indicate what is best for the children involved. None of these factors take into account the gender of the parents or grant them an advantage because of their gender.

Over the years, fathers have begun spending more and more time with their children, but when a divorce occurs, women still tend be granted primary custody more often. States all over the country are attempting to change that by creating laws that make joint and shared custody orders more common. Opponents of such measures claim that such arrangements are difficult for parents to coordinate logistically and it is a difficult situation when the parents are unable to cooperate with each other. Those in favor of the laws state that they provide incentive for parents to get along with each other and do what is best for their children.

Mothers have typically had an inherent advantage when it comes to the determination of a child custody arrangement in that they have historically been granted primary custody based on their gender. The typical arrangement would involve the mother being granted primary physical custody, with the father retaining visitation rights and legal custody. The parent that has legal custody has the right to make decisions regarding a child's life, such as health care, religion and education. However, as noted above, many states are now pushing for more shared custody arrangements, such as joint custody. Joint custody allows both parents to spend a relatively equal amount of time with their children. A joint custody arrangement entails both parents being able to cooperate with each other and courts are often opposed to ordering such an arrangement unless the parents can show that they are able to get along and make decisions concerning their children together.

Today, the State of Georgia encourages the involvement of both parents in the lives of their children. The cooperation of both parents makes such a situation easier to manage and provides a positive environment for their children. A father going through a divorce should be aware of their rights regarding child custody and may consult a family law attorney to assist them with the process.

Source: New York NOW, "Push To Change Custody Laws: What's Best For Kids?," Jennifer Ludden, Feb. 26, 2014

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