Helping Your Child Deal with Your Divorce

At Daniels & Taylor, P.C., we know that your divorce will have a major impact on your children. There is a mix of emotions and uncomfortable feelings your family will experience as you and your spouse start the next phase of your lives, which is why we want to help you manage this complicated transition. Below, we give you a few tips you can use to help your children cope with your divorce so that it doesn’t have a negative effect on your relationship in the future.

Make Love a Priority

If you find that your divorce is a struggle because your ex keeps arguing with you throughout the proceedings, then it’s important to frequently remind yourself that you need to reiterate the importance of love in the relationship you have with your children. Tell your children that you still love them even though you don’t always get along the other parent. Don’t worry your children with the dirty details of your separation. Just remind your children that they are your primary focus, even with everything going on around them.

Enjoy Fun Activities Together

While it’s important to not go overboard by spoiling your children with expensive gifts, it’s okay to plan activities that you can enjoy together to reaffirm that you love them and will still be a regular part of their life after the divorce. If you decide to plan an activity with your kids, it’s a good idea to set it up on a day that doesn’t conflict with the other parent’s visitation schedule.

Counseling Can Be Beneficial

Some parents overlook the stress their children are experiencing because they are busy dealing with the legal aspects of the divorce. That is why everyone in the family should get professional counseling during a divorce. Children usually find it easier to discuss their feelings in a neutral environment, so seeing a counselor can help them sort out the stress of your divorce and learn how to cope with the changes happening in their lives.

Communication Is Key

Just like you, your children will have numerous thoughts, feelings, and opinions about your divorce. The key to getting them to cope with this is to encourage them to talk about what’s on their mind whenever they are feeling sad, angry, or stressed. Sometimes simply telling them that there are times when you feel the same way can go a long way in building a strong relationship so that they feel comfortable confiding in you about problems in the future.

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