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Military servicemen and women face tough challenges in matters related to divorce, child custody and family law. The heavy demand on schedules, frequent relocation to new duty stations, health care benefits and pension plans make military divorce more complex than civilian divorce settlements.

If you are a serviceman or woman, or a dependent of a service member stationed in Georgia, and are considering filing for divorce or have other family law matters, talk to an attorney at Daniels & Taylor, P.C., in Lawrenceville. The partners of our firm are former members of the U.S. Armed Forces. We understand the issues and we have extensive experience developing strategies for custody, parenting rights and property settlements that are fair and make sense for the benefit of everyone involved — particularly the children.

Even if you and your spouse think you can handle everything amicably, make sure you have legal representation protecting your rights. What may seem like an unimportant matter now can turn into a significant financial or custody issue in a few short years, or upon your retirement from service.

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Some issues involved in a military divorce include:

  • Where to file: Is it in your best interest to file in Georgia, or in your home state of residency? We will investigate the options and advise you regarding the option that makes the most sense for the long run.
  • Child custody and parenting rights: What will happen to your parenting rights in the event of a sudden deployment or change to a work shift that does not accommodate a standard parenting schedule? We make sure the contingencies of military life are taken into consideration.
  • Financial support: What rights and obligations does a service member have regarding financial payments for child support and alimony? We protect your financial rights.
  • Property settlement: Your property settlement is forever. We protect your rights and long-term financial interests. What are your rights regarding your share of the military pension? Can the military health care benefits be conferred to your spouse and children as part of the settlement? What will happen to a house or real estate owned by one party prior to the marriage?

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