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When you get caught with drugs, you might still be able to minimize the damage if you hire a drug lawyer. Convictions on charges of drug possession, sales, manufacturing and distribution can carry lengthy prison sentences and significant fines. An attorney experienced in drug charges will protect your 4th amendment right to privacy and identify the issues that resulted in your arrest. Sometimes the police conduct an illegal search and when drugs are found as a result of that search, your case may be dismissed completely.

A Drug Conviction Carries a Heavy Burden

The failed War on Drugs has devistated entire families and created generations of poverty. Conviction of a drug crime has SERIOUS long term consequences beyond the jail time, fines, drug treatment, probation, and community service. Beneath the surface you may later find out that you no longer qualify for many, many jobs. You may be denied housing because you have to check "the box" stating you have been convicted of a drug crime. Without a job you won't have money for food or housing. On top of that, you will no longer qualify for government assistance such as food stamps, subsidized housing, or welfare. Even if you have never needed a government hand outin your entire life, that could change once you have a record.

A drug conviction will make it legal to descriminate against you. Forget about equal treatment under the law. You may even lose your most basic right to vote.

If you are a parent, one drug conviction on your record could start a cycle that may lead your children down the same path. Past due child support will continue to pile up if you go to prison and leave you will a mountain of debt when you are finally set "free" on probation. If you can't pay this child support obligation, your driving licence may be suspended, making it almost impossible to get a job or get back on your feet. Left with no other choice, you may be sent back to jail for driving on a suspended licese. If you are lucky enough to get a job despite your drug conviction, your wages could be garnished by child support enforcement and the Court. You may also be stuck with a heavy burden of fines, restitution, court costs, application fees, probation supervision fees, drug testing fees, etc. and you may be put in jail if you cannot afford to pay everything that is required of you. Society will label you a bad person and that cloud will cast a shadow on the way your neighbors percieve both you and most importantly, your family. You will be branded a "criminal".

At Daniels & Taylor, P.C., we want to find the best outcome for you following a drug-related arrest and subsequent criminal charge. If you need help figuring out if your Constitutional rights have been violated, we will investigate the police's evidence and fight for the best resolution on your behalf.

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Getting to the Facts of Your Drug Arrest

In our practice of defending clients charged with drug offenses, we find that police officers may have acted hastily in pursuing an arrest for marijuana, cocaine, or heroin possession. Shortcuts were taken, resulting in illegal searches and seizures or informants who were less than reliable. We dig deeply to get to the facts of the case and protecting your rights.

Dealing With Possible Drug Abuse or Addiction Issues

During challenging legal and possibly personal times, you need an advocate at your side, especially if you have a problem with drugs. Addiction is recognized as a medical condition and getting treatment is better than getting a criminal record. We will bring your condition to the attention of the court to seek some type of treatment program to address the addiction, as a better alternative to jail-time. Besides that, ignoring or disregarding a drug problem could only lead to more legal problems in the future.

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